Wouldn’t it be great sometimes to be substituted in Golf ?

tim krulSUBSTITUTE goalkeeper Tim Krul saved two penalties in a dramatic shootout on as the Netherlands edged Costa Rica 4-3 to reach the World Cup semi-finals.

After a goal-less 120 minutes, the Newcastle United GoalkeepingĀ  came on at the end of extra time and he saved from Bryan Ruiz and Michael Umana to win the quarter-final for the Dutch.

This made me think that it is a pity that Golf is not a Team Game , that you cant Substitute yourself for a player sometimes that can putt better, chip better or can hit that elusive shot out of a deep bunker.

Golf is a very selfish game ,one that there is no where to hide when the going gets tough or your back is playing up and you want to have a rest.

It is a game that we love yet one that has no give . Unlike AFL whereby you can make a mistake , be pulled from the ground and replaced and then put back on to redeem yourself.

So , with my Golf Coaching I now have to teach my students , survival techniques , how to get out of trouble , how to score when the going gets tough.

There are no substitutions , no rest periods , no let up.

But we love this game , we all know it is a mental test , a physical test and game that has such high rewards, yet sometimes we must substitute our own game that we are playing and re-invent ourselves in the middle of the round. “That is the only substitute that we are allowed to do”

Next time you are on the course , substitute that player(yourself) that is giving you a bad round and replace them with a new player(a new version of yourself).

“Love the Game”