Why not play Golf safe?




A lot of my high handicap client tell me that they want to get really good with their 4 iron or hybrid in order to hit the long par 3’s in 1 shot. Most of these golfers are off a handicap of 27 or above and in simple terms , they probably get two shots on the hole.

I always tell them that there is no such thing as a Par 3 , Par 4 or Par 5 for them . There is however a Par 3 will be a 4 or a 5, a Par 4 will be a 5 or a 6 and a Par 5 will be a Par 6 or 7.

If they played the hole as their handicap suggested ie playing straight and not worrying about length, combining it with a solid short game then they would be their handicap more often than not on the hole.

Sure we all want Pars , but lets settle for our Handicap Par on the hole and then the scores will start coming.

I remember a saying “Good Golf is boring Golf, why make it exciting ?”

Plan your hole to your handicap and you will be sure over the 18 holes to break your handicap. Below is a chart of the average over the Par of the hole for your handicap FullSizeRender