To Practice your golf or not to Practice


For any golfer the question is ” Should I practice to improve my golf ?”

The answer is not a simple as just “Yes” . This is due to the fact that sometimes golfers practice their mistakes , thereby ingraining their faults further.

I am a firm believer that once you have had a golf lesson on video, you must practice with some form of video analysis ……use your mobile device, video camera or the like.

Once you know what your faults are it is important that you keep monitoring them , not every shot yet lets say 1 in 20 balls to begin to ensure that you are on the right track. Too many golfers practice by hitting 100 balls with no gap in between . By analysing your golf swing it gives you the opportunity of 1) viewing your golf swing, 2) having a breather to regroup.

Ben Hogan used to practice with only 20 balls at a time back in the day whereby balls used to be picked up by hand. So Ben would pick his balls up and be fresh to hit the next 20. Keeping in mind that there are many videos of Ben Hogan in his prime and photos of Ben Hogan in the correct positions.

Practicing your golf  is important so that you are educating not your muscles but your mind to get you into the position that your golf pro has stipulated.

Practicing your golf  is also important so that you are able to feel your golf swing and take that feeling to the course . You simply don’t want to have thoughts in your mind that are technical .

“Perfect Practice makes Permanent”