Golf on the course with DOGS YES / NO ??

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A vast percentage of us have a pet namely a dog and with that responsibility comes with the fact that they need regular walks.

We are all time poor these days and my suggestion will probably floor you , but “why don’t we take our dogs onto the course?”

It would stop the need for those late night walks , get our dogs fitter , spend great time with them and also kill two birds with one stone so to speak.

I saw it recently with a guide dog on a golf course and with all the golf clubs complaining about lack of players , this would solve a very big issue in that we are time poor for our leisure activities .

Now , there would be strict guidelines of course

1. The dog would have to be on a lead

2. The dog would have to registered and not a dangerous breed

3. The dog would have to have ample drinking water

4. A heat policy would have to be in place ie not over 25 degrees

5. The owner would have to carry and use a doggy bag

Why not is my only question?

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