Keeping it simple is my philosophy


Keeping it simple is my philosophy when it comes to golf coaching. Too often students come to me confused with respect to the golf swing mechanics and working of the body in the golf swing.

My teaching is based around the book “The modern fundamentals of golf by Ben Hogan” , which is one of the most famous books written in 1957 and to this day is the book that many pros refer to.

Basically I look for a sound grip, good set up and ensure that the student understands the plane of the golf swing.

I also like all my students to be able to make good impact and am a firm believer in taking a divot . This divot should be at the ball to past the ball which will ensure that the ball has a good flight and also spin when it hits the green.

I like my students to have a light grip as if they are gripping a tube of toothpaste and not a snake !!

Golf is meant to be fun and in my teaching I will ensure that improvement is created yet fun of the game is maintained.

I do this by incorporating many drills and skills tests for the student to complete in their practice sessions which will ensure that they are practicing with a purpose.

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Happy Golfing Jonathan Porter

Improving your golf


Don’t get frustrated with golf , after all it is supposed to be “only a game”.

Golf is a walk in the fresh air, a time to reflect on life , yet to get away from the grind of the office.

However golf is a game that for 4-5 hours you don’t want to play badly and have a bad day. The saying a “bad day at golf is better than a good day at the office ” is one that I would beg to differ….. Nothing is more frustrating than being out there for 4-5 hours with no escape , so you need a back up plan to improving your golf…..

A golf swing that you can call on when all else fails.

I always recommend to my students reverting back to a half swing with limited movement to gain consistency and control, going back to a “favourite club” and basically playing target golf for the entire golf round to improving their golf .

Picture a fine game of chess or snooker, you build up your attack , conserve when things are not going to plan. Improving your golf game  is no different .

The golf swing needs to be nurtured at times and finding that short cut grass on the fairways is essential , rather than playing golf from the trees.

Improving your golf comes from experience from previous demises , yet as you learn “how to get the ball around the course” even when things aren’t going well is the sign of a true champion.

My best advice is to find the fairway under all circumstances, if you have to tee off with a 7 iron to do so …then that is what you do !.

If you are leaving bunker shots in , then go out sideways or backwards just to get out then that is what you do!

Golf is a game of survival , a game that we love yet a game that demands respect.

Happy golfing


Jonathan Porter


Adam Scott wins US Masters Golf …..Sandringham Golf Range goes nuts !!


Since last week when Adam Scott won the US Masters I have already seen new golfers at the range hitting balls

Many golfers are dusting off their clubs and coming down to the golf range to see “if they still have it ??”

In addition golfers are now wanting to learn the game the correct way , no more guess work and with the latest technology golfers are viewing their golf swings against other good players and are now able to emulate their idols .

To add to this I am able to show the golf student the “before and after” shots of their swings. This becomes a very important tool in improving their golf.

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Golf Injury and Golf injury prevention

I highly recommend mgolf located at Mentone physiotherapy for golfers that want that added extra lift for their golf .

I remember having lessons myself from Steven Bann who was coach to Allenby and Appleby and now coaches KJ Choi and recall Steven telling me that golfers will struggle to get into correct positions unless their flexibility improves and they are able to increase their core strength .

For this reason I recommend that you call Bill McTeigh from Mgolf and specifically ask for a Body Screening.

You will receive a report along with myself as your golf coach . This in turn can help me in structuring golf lessons around your physical ailments and attributes.

Please click on the link below , make contact with Bill and let all the factors align so that we can create a great repeatable golf swing that is sound in body, mind and soul