Do you require the Golf DR- Golf Lessons ?


golf drMany students come to me and have Golf Lessons wanting me to be a Golf DR of sorts with their golf swings, fix their ailment and have them back on the golf course swinging the golf club and hitting the ball better than before. Which I always strive and am very successful in doing.

So the question I ask my students is “If you went to a Doctor for an illness and they prescribed a Medicine, would you take it ?” The answer is always “Yes”.

The funny thing is that sometimes when we as golf coaches state a remedy sometimes the student will challenge our solution.

One of the main items in a lesson that is always covered is that the student wants to score better ie get their score below 100 . My remedy as a golf coach firstly even before I look at the swing is to ask them about their course management.

> How many times are you hitting driver on the course ie 14 opportunities ?

The general answer is 14 ” Because I need the distance !”

My advice is to put the golf ball in play and attack from the second shot or in some circumstances the third shot.

As golf pros we are able to hit driver every hole, yet we would be lucky to hit the driver more than 8 times in a round , meaning that we use hybrids , fairway woods or irons on the other holes to play simply for best position on the golf golf course.

The general comment that comes back is ” You hit the ball further !” and yes that is true , yet one crucial piece of information that I tell my students is ” You have more shots to play with , you have more shots on the hole than me”

Sure I can get you hitting the golf ball better , further and more consistently , yet golf is a game of patience and position.

Try this next time you play , break the hole up into sections . Ie if you get 2 shots a Par 4 hole try and get to the green in 3 shots.

If the hole is 380m long you only require an average distance of 126.66m per shot . 3 of those and you are on the green in 3 , two putts later you are in the hole for 5 and have beaten your handicap on the hole.

Now this system wont work all the time, yet I guarantee that if you call on it more frequently those bad rounds will reduce, your score will improve.

The other thing to remember is that we as Golf Professionals were once off a high handicap and the way that we got our handicap down was to have the golf lessons off our coach (DR) and take the medicine so to speak that they prescribed.

Most changes that I make with a golf student are not automatic , I dont believe in quick fixes unless the student is playing golf on that day and they need to hit the ball automatically better.

Remember these final comments…………

> Medicine takes time to work- so does any correct change in the golf swing.

> Medicine needs to be taken frequently as prescribed- so does practice on the driving range

> If the Medicine doesnt work after a prescribed period of time change the medication- so does the change in the golf swing, if it doesnt work , go back to the pro and ask for a different medication if need be.

“Love the Game” –