Practice Shortgame with the ball that you play with


When practicing shortgame ie chipping and putting try to practice where possible with the same brand and compression ball that you play with.

Your feel will improve just by practicing in this way.

I recommend that you begin to construct your own practice bag of the same ball for both shortgame and long game (where applicable)

If you are lucky enough to be able to practice at a fairway that allows your own use of balls then this is a good way as well. I used to hit ie my 5 iron with no #5 balls , Driver with #1 balls etc and used to try and practice with the same number ball matched to a club so that I could find my true distance with each club .

This has become hard due to limited practice facilities over the years , but I am sure that you can at least practice your shortgame in this way.

Happy Golfing

Jonathan Porter