To Practice your golf or not to Practice


For any golfer the question is ” Should I practice to improve my golf ?”

The answer is not a simple as just “Yes” . This is due to the fact that sometimes golfers practice their mistakes , thereby ingraining their faults further.

I am a firm believer that once you have had a golf lesson on video, you must practice with some form of video analysis ……use your mobile device, video camera or the like.

Once you know what your faults are it is important that you keep monitoring them , not every shot yet lets say 1 in 20 balls to begin to ensure that you are on the right track. Too many golfers practice by hitting 100 balls with no gap in between . By analysing your golf swing it gives you the opportunity of 1) viewing your golf swing, 2) having a breather to regroup.

Ben Hogan used to practice with only 20 balls at a time back in the day whereby balls used to be picked up by hand. So Ben would pick his balls up and be fresh to hit the next 20. Keeping in mind that there are many videos of Ben Hogan in his prime and photos of Ben Hogan in the correct positions.

Practicing your golf  is important so that you are educating not your muscles but your mind to get you into the position that your golf pro has stipulated.

Practicing your golf  is also important so that you are able to feel your golf swing and take that feeling to the course . You simply don’t want to have thoughts in your mind that are technical .

“Perfect Practice makes Permanent”


Long Putter Ban



We all know about the nerve-wracking putt that we are all faced in golf especially the 3ft-4ft putt .  Nerves can get the better of you. It could  be the Masters, a friendly hit with mates or for drinks on the last hole.

The fact of the matter is that the stroke itself is hard.

Over the last 20 years when Sam Torrence began and Peter Senior made them more famous . Long putters, which most are anchored against a player’s chest or belly, have offered a solution to steady hands and a smooth stroke.

But last Tuesday, the R & A  that determine the rules of golf made such strokes illegal.

They must, they said, “protect and preserve the game and its challenges.”

This to determine how a golf club can – and cannot – be held.

Beginning in 2016, that very stroke will be history. No longer will you see Peter Senior , Adam Scott or the like with the long putter. Only time will tell whether these players will dominate with the short putter as they have with the long putter.

It must be remembered that each of these players were great players in their own right using the short putter growing up and when they first turned professional . Would they of won as many tournaments with the short putter if they had of used it ? We will never know. Would Adam Scott of holed that putt last month if he had of been using a short putter?

“The bottom line is that anchoring has generated serious division within the game and among players about whether those who anchor play the same game and face the same challenges,” said Glen D. Nager, a Washington lawyer, member of the Chevy Chase Club and president of the USGA. “Such divisiveness is corrosive to a game that’s based on sportsmanship.”

The issue, within golf , is quite serious. Winners of four of the past six major championships – the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship – have used anchored strokes to earn their victories. But in hindsight many championships were not won with the long putter , even though it was available ?

I am a firm believer that it should be banned  , yet the metal driver and the ball should be limited or we should go back to wooden drivers if the ruling bodies really want to bring shot making and make this game more challenging than it already is.

But I will leave you with this ….the average golfers handicap average has not gone down with all the improvements in golf, from long putters, the ball and the 47 inch drivers.

This game is hard plain and simple ……..



Tiger Woods is well and truly back and I drive my car around with pride


Well there was a time when I was a little embarrassed to drive around my Tiger Woods car , through his personal decline in the media and when his golf dropped down and he fell from grace not only in the world golf rankings but also in the public eye.
Yesterday the greatest player in World Golf stood alone at the Players Championship.

Woods, had to call on his steady golf that eluded him in recent times and he  won for the 78th time in 286 tour starts as a professional.

Woods shot a two-under-par 70 for a 72-hole total of 13-under 275, two strokes better than Maggert (70), Lingmerth (72) and Kevin Streelman (67).

Woods recently ended a two-year winless drought in official tour events last March and has now won in four of his seven starts in 2013. “Am I surprised?” Woods said. “No. I know a lot of people in this room thought I was done. But I’m not.”

Tiger has now got his No #1 World Ranking back and I drive around my “Tiger Car” with pride……..not that I cared what other people thought of me driving it around in the first place……

Tiger Woods will go into the history books as the best golfer the world has ever seen.

It will take somebody very special to recreate the record that he continues to build , in fact I don’t think it will ever be beaten


Darcey Brereton To Compete in Division 2 Pennant Final Against Victoria Golf Club

Cheltenham Golf Club have gone undeafeted this year in pennant and have been promoted to Division 1 next year. One of their stars is coached by Jonathan Porter and is coming up the ranks in Victorian Golf.

I wish Darcy all the best next week in the final and I am sure he will draw on all his experiences from his short golf career which includes winning the 2012 Club Championship at Cheltenham Golf Club following in the footsteps of Geoff Ogilvy who was once a member of Cheltenham.

Good Luck Darcy or should I say Good Skill !!


Darcy Winning 2012 Cheltenham Golf Club Championship



One Day Golf Schools


One Day Golf Schools are the best way to improve your golf as the professional has a whole day to work on your game and lift it to the next level.

One Day Golf Schools cover all aspects of the game including but not limited to Full Swing analysis , Chipping, Putting, Bunker play , Pitching and on course instruction.

Spending a whole day with Jonathan Porter will be an experience to treasure and will improve your shortgame and long game and give me a great opportunity to evaluate all areas of your game.

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Adam Scott wins US Masters Golf …..Sandringham Golf Range goes nuts !!


Since last week when Adam Scott won the US Masters I have already seen new golfers at the range hitting balls

Many golfers are dusting off their clubs and coming down to the golf range to see “if they still have it ??”

In addition golfers are now wanting to learn the game the correct way , no more guess work and with the latest technology golfers are viewing their golf swings against other good players and are now able to emulate their idols .

To add to this I am able to show the golf student the “before and after” shots of their swings. This becomes a very important tool in improving their golf.

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Golf Injury and Golf injury prevention

I highly recommend mgolf located at Mentone physiotherapy for golfers that want that added extra lift for their golf .

I remember having lessons myself from Steven Bann who was coach to Allenby and Appleby and now coaches KJ Choi and recall Steven telling me that golfers will struggle to get into correct positions unless their flexibility improves and they are able to increase their core strength .

For this reason I recommend that you call Bill McTeigh from Mgolf and specifically ask for a Body Screening.

You will receive a report along with myself as your golf coach . This in turn can help me in structuring golf lessons around your physical ailments and attributes.

Please click on the link below , make contact with Bill and let all the factors align so that we can create a great repeatable golf swing that is sound in body, mind and soul

The short game golf lessons Six Choices around the Green

When around the Green , you have six options to consider for the Ultimate Short Game strategy.

Each time I play golf I go through these options and they are in order of difficulty.

So when around the green go through these options and select the one that you feel is right for the situation at hand.

1. Putting

Keep in mind that your worst putt at this stage of your golf career will be almost as good as your best chip. So when you can putt …..PUTT !!


2. Putt with Hybrid

Most putters have around 3-4 degrees of loft , but your hybrid can have 18 degrees or more. So take you putting stance and grip and putt with a hybrid , it will lift in the air all by itself.


3. Chip (low)

Play ball back in the stance with weight forward , hands forward of the ball and low backswing and follow through.

4. Chip (high)

Play ball forward in stance with weight forward, clubface open at address, low backswing and follow through.

5. Pitch

Play ball forward in stance , hit down with clubface travelling toward target on follow through , limiting rotation of clubface and keeping clubface open.


6. Lob Shot

The lowest percentage shot out of the six , but the one that looks the best. Open clubface at address. Open stance and swing along the line of feet on backswing, downswing swing through to target keeping clubface open.

So next time you are on the golf course take these options out with you and I guarantee it will change the way you play golf, saving you many shots around the green.

To book in for a lesson call me directly on 0416075985 or go to my website for further information