Getting the golf ball into the hole is the name of the game

Golf is a game that is being dominated by modern technology but this is not just limited to golf equipment.

Teaching aids such as Trackman and all the various apps and launch monitors are a fantastic way of getting data that helps the player identify faults and puts them on the right track to improving their golf.

I am a firm believer in using these teaching aids and I do use them in my coaching, yet it must not be forgotten that the most important aspect in golf is the score.

My coach used to say to me that “You don’t need to write a story on the scorecard how you generated your score”

I have never forgotten that comment and it is so true.

Golfers such as Trevino and modern golfers like Furyk have different swings , yet they have found a way to get the ball in the hole and have had some great golfing results.

Next time you are making swing changes remember these are for a reason to make you more consistent yet on the flip side , “Just get the ball into the hole in the least amount of shots possible”

“Love the Game”

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Do you require the Golf DR- Golf Lessons ?


golf drMany students come to me and have Golf Lessons wanting me to be a Golf DR of sorts with their golf swings, fix their ailment and have them back on the golf course swinging the golf club and hitting the ball better than before. Which I always strive and am very successful in doing.

So the question I ask my students is “If you went to a Doctor for an illness and they prescribed a Medicine, would you take it ?” The answer is always “Yes”.

The funny thing is that sometimes when we as golf coaches state a remedy sometimes the student will challenge our solution.

One of the main items in a lesson that is always covered is that the student wants to score better ie get their score below 100 . My remedy as a golf coach firstly even before I look at the swing is to ask them about their course management.

> How many times are you hitting driver on the course ie 14 opportunities ?

The general answer is 14 ” Because I need the distance !”

My advice is to put the golf ball in play and attack from the second shot or in some circumstances the third shot.

As golf pros we are able to hit driver every hole, yet we would be lucky to hit the driver more than 8 times in a round , meaning that we use hybrids , fairway woods or irons on the other holes to play simply for best position on the golf golf course.

The general comment that comes back is ” You hit the ball further !” and yes that is true , yet one crucial piece of information that I tell my students is ” You have more shots to play with , you have more shots on the hole than me”

Sure I can get you hitting the golf ball better , further and more consistently , yet golf is a game of patience and position.

Try this next time you play , break the hole up into sections . Ie if you get 2 shots a Par 4 hole try and get to the green in 3 shots.

If the hole is 380m long you only require an average distance of 126.66m per shot . 3 of those and you are on the green in 3 , two putts later you are in the hole for 5 and have beaten your handicap on the hole.

Now this system wont work all the time, yet I guarantee that if you call on it more frequently those bad rounds will reduce, your score will improve.

The other thing to remember is that we as Golf Professionals were once off a high handicap and the way that we got our handicap down was to have the golf lessons off our coach (DR) and take the medicine so to speak that they prescribed.

Most changes that I make with a golf student are not automatic , I dont believe in quick fixes unless the student is playing golf on that day and they need to hit the ball automatically better.

Remember these final comments…………

> Medicine takes time to work- so does any correct change in the golf swing.

> Medicine needs to be taken frequently as prescribed- so does practice on the driving range

> If the Medicine doesnt work after a prescribed period of time change the medication- so does the change in the golf swing, if it doesnt work , go back to the pro and ask for a different medication if need be.

“Love the Game” –




Wouldn’t it be great sometimes to be substituted in Golf ?

tim krulSUBSTITUTE goalkeeper Tim Krul saved two penalties in a dramatic shootout on as the Netherlands edged Costa Rica 4-3 to reach the World Cup semi-finals.

After a goal-less 120 minutes, the Newcastle United Goalkeeping  came on at the end of extra time and he saved from Bryan Ruiz and Michael Umana to win the quarter-final for the Dutch.

This made me think that it is a pity that Golf is not a Team Game , that you cant Substitute yourself for a player sometimes that can putt better, chip better or can hit that elusive shot out of a deep bunker.

Golf is a very selfish game ,one that there is no where to hide when the going gets tough or your back is playing up and you want to have a rest.

It is a game that we love yet one that has no give . Unlike AFL whereby you can make a mistake , be pulled from the ground and replaced and then put back on to redeem yourself.

So , with my Golf Coaching I now have to teach my students , survival techniques , how to get out of trouble , how to score when the going gets tough.

There are no substitutions , no rest periods , no let up.

But we love this game , we all know it is a mental test , a physical test and game that has such high rewards, yet sometimes we must substitute our own game that we are playing and re-invent ourselves in the middle of the round. “That is the only substitute that we are allowed to do”

Next time you are on the course , substitute that player(yourself) that is giving you a bad round and replace them with a new player(a new version of yourself).

“Love the Game”


Srixon Coaching Summit

In September I will be attending the Srixon Coaching Summit at Royal Pines. There will be some fantastic speakers at the Summit and it is a great chance for me to learn more about this wonderful game of golf. In addition it is a chance for me to learn new concepts and to also be involved with other highly rated coaches .

This is a great opportunity for me to learn more from the leaders in our industry and something that I am truly excited to attend. ” Love the game”



hot golferKeeping your golf game hot is easy by way of the temperature , yet many a golfer struggle to play golf in hot conditions.

Along with the wind conditions in Melbourne’s hot northerly’s golf courses can be brutal.

If you follow these points you are sure to keep your golf game hot but keep cool under pressure.

> book a tee time early in the day – not always easy yet view the long range weather forecast which on some websites can be in advance of 2-3 weeks .

> Freeze bottles of water and take in golf bag, thereby being able to refill with an iceblock in the middle of the bottle for many a hole .

> take two towels with you , one to wet ,one to clean the golf clubs

> Wear moisture wicking fabric clothing with UV Protection

> Use a UV Umbrella to keep the sun off you

> Wear hat and sunscreen

> Use the cooling compartment on your golf bag

> Take your time and drink more than you normally would do so.

> walk in the trees and not always down the middle of the fairway

> practice your golf in the cool of the day either first thing or after the cool change comes through

> practice mainly shortgame on hot days

> Work on your golfing fitness, Mental side of the game on hot days.


The secret is not to avoid the hot days on the golf course , but is to be smart around the course keeping hydrated and aware of all your surroundings.

Keep Cool and you will play HOT!!


Happy Golfing


Jonathan Porter

Practice Shortgame with the ball that you play with


When practicing shortgame ie chipping and putting try to practice where possible with the same brand and compression ball that you play with.

Your feel will improve just by practicing in this way.

I recommend that you begin to construct your own practice bag of the same ball for both shortgame and long game (where applicable)

If you are lucky enough to be able to practice at a fairway that allows your own use of balls then this is a good way as well. I used to hit ie my 5 iron with no #5 balls , Driver with #1 balls etc and used to try and practice with the same number ball matched to a club so that I could find my true distance with each club .

This has become hard due to limited practice facilities over the years , but I am sure that you can at least practice your shortgame in this way.

Happy Golfing

Jonathan Porter


Keeping it simple is my philosophy


Keeping it simple is my philosophy when it comes to golf coaching. Too often students come to me confused with respect to the golf swing mechanics and working of the body in the golf swing.

My teaching is based around the book “The modern fundamentals of golf by Ben Hogan” , which is one of the most famous books written in 1957 and to this day is the book that many pros refer to.

Basically I look for a sound grip, good set up and ensure that the student understands the plane of the golf swing.

I also like all my students to be able to make good impact and am a firm believer in taking a divot . This divot should be at the ball to past the ball which will ensure that the ball has a good flight and also spin when it hits the green.

I like my students to have a light grip as if they are gripping a tube of toothpaste and not a snake !!

Golf is meant to be fun and in my teaching I will ensure that improvement is created yet fun of the game is maintained.

I do this by incorporating many drills and skills tests for the student to complete in their practice sessions which will ensure that they are practicing with a purpose.

To book in for a lesson please call 0416075985

Happy Golfing Jonathan Porter

The Perfect Golfing Gift for Christmas


Well, Christmas is just around the corner and we have all been guilty of giving and due to no fault of our own receiving gifts that we really don’t want.

So this Christmas is the year to change things around and give your loved one or friend a golf lesson gift voucher. These lesson vouchers will be emailed directly to you and are able to be printed.

Golf lessons for Christmas are the perfect gift for the avid golfer . Also the  way to hint is just to send a link to my website direct to a friend and they can purchase the lesson voucher from there


Improving your golf


Don’t get frustrated with golf , after all it is supposed to be “only a game”.

Golf is a walk in the fresh air, a time to reflect on life , yet to get away from the grind of the office.

However golf is a game that for 4-5 hours you don’t want to play badly and have a bad day. The saying a “bad day at golf is better than a good day at the office ” is one that I would beg to differ….. Nothing is more frustrating than being out there for 4-5 hours with no escape , so you need a back up plan to improving your golf…..

A golf swing that you can call on when all else fails.

I always recommend to my students reverting back to a half swing with limited movement to gain consistency and control, going back to a “favourite club” and basically playing target golf for the entire golf round to improving their golf .

Picture a fine game of chess or snooker, you build up your attack , conserve when things are not going to plan. Improving your golf game  is no different .

The golf swing needs to be nurtured at times and finding that short cut grass on the fairways is essential , rather than playing golf from the trees.

Improving your golf comes from experience from previous demises , yet as you learn “how to get the ball around the course” even when things aren’t going well is the sign of a true champion.

My best advice is to find the fairway under all circumstances, if you have to tee off with a 7 iron to do so …then that is what you do !.

If you are leaving bunker shots in , then go out sideways or backwards just to get out then that is what you do!

Golf is a game of survival , a game that we love yet a game that demands respect.

Happy golfing


Jonathan Porter