Long Putter Ban



We all know about the nerve-wracking putt that we are all faced in golf especially the 3ft-4ft putt .  Nerves can get the better of you. It could  be the Masters, a friendly hit with mates or for drinks on the last hole.

The fact of the matter is that the stroke itself is hard.

Over the last 20 years when Sam Torrence began and Peter Senior made them more famous . Long putters, which most are anchored against a player’s chest or belly, have offered a solution to steady hands and a smooth stroke.

But last Tuesday, the R & A  that determine the rules of golf made such strokes illegal.

They must, they said, “protect and preserve the game and its challenges.”

This to determine how a golf club can – and cannot – be held.

Beginning in 2016, that very stroke will be history. No longer will you see Peter Senior , Adam Scott or the like with the long putter. Only time will tell whether these players will dominate with the short putter as they have with the long putter.

It must be remembered that each of these players were great players in their own right using the short putter growing up and when they first turned professional . Would they of won as many tournaments with the short putter if they had of used it ? We will never know. Would Adam Scott of holed that putt last month if he had of been using a short putter?

“The bottom line is that anchoring has generated serious division within the game and among players about whether those who anchor play the same game and face the same challenges,” said Glen D. Nager, a Washington lawyer, member of the Chevy Chase Club and president of the USGA. “Such divisiveness is corrosive to a game that’s based on sportsmanship.”

The issue, within golf , is quite serious. Winners of four of the past six major championships – the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship – have used anchored strokes to earn their victories. But in hindsight many championships were not won with the long putter , even though it was available ?

I am a firm believer that it should be banned  , yet the metal driver and the ball should be limited or we should go back to wooden drivers if the ruling bodies really want to bring shot making and make this game more challenging than it already is.

But I will leave you with this ….the average golfers handicap average has not gone down with all the improvements in golf, from long putters, the ball and the 47 inch drivers.

This game is hard plain and simple ……..