Keeping it simple is my philosophy


Keeping it simple is my philosophy when it comes to golf coaching. Too often students come to me confused with respect to the golf swing mechanics and working of the body in the golf swing.

My teaching is based around the book “The modern fundamentals of golf by Ben Hogan” , which is one of the most famous books written in 1957 and to this day is the book that many pros refer to.

Basically I look for a sound grip, good set up and ensure that the student understands the plane of the golf swing.

I also like all my students to be able to make good impact and am a firm believer in taking a divot . This divot should be at the ball to past the ball which will ensure that the ball has a good flight and also spin when it hits the green.

I like my students to have a light grip as if they are gripping a tube of toothpaste and not a snake !!

Golf is meant to be fun and in my teaching I will ensure that improvement is created yet fun of the game is maintained.

I do this by incorporating many drills and skills tests for the student to complete in their practice sessions which will ensure that they are practicing with a purpose.

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Happy Golfing Jonathan Porter