Improving your golf


Don’t get frustrated with golf , after all it is supposed to be “only a game”.

Golf is a walk in the fresh air, a time to reflect on life , yet to get away from the grind of the office.

However golf is a game that for 4-5 hours you don’t want to play badly and have a bad day. The saying a “bad day at golf is better than a good day at the office ” is one that I would beg to differ….. Nothing is more frustrating than being out there for 4-5 hours with no escape , so you need a back up plan to improving your golf…..

A golf swing that you can call on when all else fails.

I always recommend to my students reverting back to a half swing with limited movement to gain consistency and control, going back to a “favourite club” and basically playing target golf for the entire golf round to improving their golf .

Picture a fine game of chess or snooker, you build up your attack , conserve when things are not going to plan. Improving your golf game  is no different .

The golf swing needs to be nurtured at times and finding that short cut grass on the fairways is essential , rather than playing golf from the trees.

Improving your golf comes from experience from previous demises , yet as you learn “how to get the ball around the course” even when things aren’t going well is the sign of a true champion.

My best advice is to find the fairway under all circumstances, if you have to tee off with a 7 iron to do so …then that is what you do !.

If you are leaving bunker shots in , then go out sideways or backwards just to get out then that is what you do!

Golf is a game of survival , a game that we love yet a game that demands respect.

Happy golfing


Jonathan Porter