Golf Lessons when it is HOT ???

hot golfer

Many students either don’t have a lesson or do not practice their golf and opt to do either on a cooler day , but interestingly practicing in the heat or having a lesson in the heat is actually good for you .

1. You will sweat out all the bad toxins in your body an d as long as you remain hydrated it is actually good for you

2. Too often we don’t practice our short games enough¬† and no one wants to hit balls in the heat , thereby giving you a great opportunity to sharpen your skills around the green.


Rules though for practicing in the heat would be the following

a) find a shaded spot under a tree

b) take a frozen bottle of water or two with you to practice or practice close to the clubhouse

c) take many breaks

d) vary your practice

e) don’t take the whole day off when it is hot , there will be pockets either during the early morning or late afternoon whereby it would be a little cooler

In addition hot days are nicer than playing on the cold rainy days so keep that in mind and there could be a run of hot days , meaning that you may not have the ability to play or practice sometimes for nearly a week.

My advice is to change your outlook on hot days , there is nothing better than practicing on a hot day , having a nice dip in the pool after your game and even having a nice cold beer at the end of the day.

Just remember to prepare for your practice , lesson or round of golf.

Take lots of iced water , wet a towel , frequent breaks and look at the forecast. As I said earlier there will always be pockets during the day whereby you can get your golf in

For bookings for lessons on Hot or Cold days please call 0416075985 or email¬† “love the game”