How long should you keep your golf clubs

The question of “How long you should keep your golf clubs?” is an interesting one.

Let me separate into the different clubs


When you find a good putter keep it for as long as your confidence prevails with it . Be it a month or 20 years …in all honesty if it is going in the hole and feels good in your hands then keep it . This situation changes when that “feel” has gone with the putter …they say in that case that a change is as good as a holiday!!



Keep your wedges until the grooves are beginning to wear out , or until the groove structure of your club is not as good as the latest and greatest product.

There is nothing better than being able to spin your ball back on the green



Keep your irons for at least one set of regrips which should equate to around 2-3 years especially if you have forged clubs . However, again if the grooves are compromised it is time for a change.


Change the hybrid only at a fitting centre to ensure that the numbers that you are getting with a new one , beat the numbers with your old one.


I would suggest to change your driver only a Fitting centre with Trackman to have a look at your numbers with your driver and then your numbers with the latest and greatest to compare.

If you do not get better gains then don’t change


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Winter is the time to work on your golf


The time to work on your golf is in the winter months , especially if you have the ability of training indoors or at the very least undercover.

There is nothing worse than playing in really bad conditions if you are a beginner and that is when I suggest to work on your swing instead.

On the flip side if you are an accomplished player ie 4 hcp and below that is when I recommend to play in whatever the conditions are on the day.

The reason being is that when you are in tournament golf conditions there is nowhere to hide and you just never know what could happen in a golf tournament from a weather point of view.

How good would it be though , if your golf swing came out of winter firing……..increased consistency, more control and a more solid rounded game?

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Why not play Golf safe?




A lot of my high handicap client tell me that they want to get really good with their 4 iron or hybrid in order to hit the long par 3’s in 1 shot. Most of these golfers are off a handicap of 27 or above and in simple terms , they probably get two shots on the hole.

I always tell them that there is no such thing as a Par 3 , Par 4 or Par 5 for them . There is however a Par 3 will be a 4 or a 5, a Par 4 will be a 5 or a 6 and a Par 5 will be a Par 6 or 7.

If they played the hole as their handicap suggested ie playing straight and not worrying about length, combining it with a solid short game then they would be their handicap more often than not on the hole.

Sure we all want Pars , but lets settle for our Handicap Par on the hole and then the scores will start coming.

I remember a saying “Good Golf is boring Golf, why make it exciting ?”

Plan your hole to your handicap and you will be sure over the 18 holes to break your handicap. Below is a chart of the average over the Par of the hole for your handicap FullSizeRender


Good Golf Needs Consistency


I feel that golf improvement is like anything in life , it needs commitment , dedication and consistency.

Think of your golf like going to the gym or going on a diet , think of your golf like taking a course of medicine from the doctors.

Basically if you miss a scheduled session or forget to take your medicine , you will nearly be back to square one.

So the bottom line is set a schedule , stick to it and your golf will go forward in leaps and bounds.

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What to do when the game of golf doesnt come naturally ?


I can tell you that my first round of golf was at Peninsula Golf and Country Club back when I was 13 years old , during an activity week at school.

I remember having an 18 hole score of 202 and loving every second of it .

My Second round of golf was 164 and then I was hooked …….. Golf is like that , as long as the golfer  can see an improvement , the golfer is happy.

Golf is a sport that includes 14 clubs , all different lengths , lie angles, face angles, shapes , sizes and the ball is stationary.

Every shot is a different shot , played with distances that are never the same from shot to shot . The challenge begins and then so does the search for the perfect golf swing…….

My game did not come naturally , but through trial and error I became a golf professional. Today I will share with you my secret to success in achieving a solid golf swing and golf game.

1. Work on the basics – get a sound grip

You will see golfers on tour with “bad grips ” yet those elite athletes know exactly what their clubface is doing through impact ……you generally don’t ,so stick with the basics so that you are able to control the clubface.

2. Have a firm steady base

I am a firm believer in feeling like you have magnets under your feet pulling you to the ground as you turn your upper body against your lower body.

I like to feel that your body winds up like an elastic band being wound up from the top with the bottom staying steady. Then the downswing the bottom half is let go as the top half of the body catches up .

This is what I call the “spring loaded effect”

3. Practice the small stuff first

If the golf game isnt going well, don’t just hit driver after driver . Start with chipping control the face and then work your way up through the clubs

4. Don’t be in a rush to improve

Golf is a game of statistics . Leading tour pros only hit around 70% of the fairways , so do your own golf stats and look at improving them . If you have been getting up and down 25% of the time , then practice with a purpose of getting up and down 26% of the time and you will begin to take the pressure off yourself

5. Get yourself on Trackman

Trackman  is one of the best teaching aids out there, enabling you to track all of your shots , do a combine test and then compare results from week to week…

Overall there are a long list of items that you can do when your golf game is not coming naturally .

On a final note I was once told that “It is only a game” and if you treat it like that you will begin to enjoy your golf


“Love the Game”



If I had my time again to learn golf what would I do?


For those of you that know me , you are aware that I am a very hard worker both in work and family life . Growing up my golf was no different ……

I probably practiced harder than anyone , scheduling out my week for playing , practicing , gym work and that left very little time for socializing or going out with my mates.

I was in better terms ” A Golfaholic” and a tragic one at that and in reflection I could of done it so much better ……

1. I would practice my shortgame more rather than hit ball after ball on the fairway till I couldn’t grip the club much longer

2. Have days off – in my youth I never took a day off and I believe that I became a little stale . Rest is as equally important as learning the skill as it refreshes the mind

3. Practice what you are not good at – Too often I used to hit my driver when I practiced and not work on the items that were letting me down.

4. Stretch and Golf Specific Gym Work- I did the opposite and now at 43 years old I am having to try and rebuild my body to cater for the demands of simply working . I always hit the gym hard , did no stretching and did gym work to make my body look better but not for golf. As I consequence I have 2 herniated discs in my back and my flexibility is terrible ( but getting better )


Its amazing how now , I realize what is required to make it to the top and try and ‘drum’ into my golfing students the importance of doing things that will benefit their golf game.

Remember golf is supposed to be fun , enjoyable and not stressful on the body or mind.

“Love the Game”

Golf on the course with DOGS YES / NO ??

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A vast percentage of us have a pet namely a dog and with that responsibility comes with the fact that they need regular walks.

We are all time poor these days and my suggestion will probably floor you , but “why don’t we take our dogs onto the course?”

It would stop the need for those late night walks , get our dogs fitter , spend great time with them and also kill two birds with one stone so to speak.

I saw it recently with a guide dog on a golf course and with all the golf clubs complaining about lack of players , this would solve a very big issue in that we are time poor for our leisure activities .

Now , there would be strict guidelines of course

1. The dog would have to be on a lead

2. The dog would have to registered and not a dangerous breed

3. The dog would have to have ample drinking water

4. A heat policy would have to be in place ie not over 25 degrees

5. The owner would have to carry and use a doggy bag

Why not is my only question?

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Allenby needs a caddy both on and off the course

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When Australian golfer Robert Allenby missed the cut in the Sony Open , although still representing the PGA of Australia and the US Tour , his golfing was over for the week.

Whether or not he  was robbed, beaten and dumped in a park after missing the cut in the Sony Open, leaving him with cuts and a deep scrape on his forehead, is something that we will never know, yet it really shouldn’t matter.

When he handed that scorecard in for the weekend his golf was over and basically he becomes a normal (but famous) civilian who is alllowed to go about his business in anyway he sees fit .

My only comment would be that he should do as much behind closed doors as he can and maybe in future with all of his money he needs to hire a caddy/minder to get him into a taxi safe and home into bed.

His personal life should be just that , his mistake was taking it into the public eye and subsequently the media.

Sometimes things are out of ones control, but he loves to have fun and let his hair down ……he always has . So next time it would be advisable to have that caddy/minder look after him.

He can now get on with his golf , let his scores do the talking and try his best to not make any huge mistakes .

He needs to have a caddy both with him on and off the course

Written by Jonathan Porter

Video Golf Lessons or Trackman Golf Lessons

I have been using Trackman for many of my golf lessons of late and love the results and instant feedback that it provides my golf student.

Not only am I able to show the student where the ball is landing , but can also now show them the figures of their club face angle , swing direction , attack angle and club path, but I am also able to show them exactly what happens on different golf shots.

After using Trackman and don’t get me wrong ” I love Trackman” I still believe it is important to use a combination of both, as seeing what your golf swing is doing from a video perspective helps in the overall picture of fixing your fault…..or seeing what you are doing correctly.

So the next golf lesson you have , I would suggest a Trackman golf lesson in combination with a video lesson

Golf Lessons when it is HOT ???

hot golfer

Many students either don’t have a lesson or do not practice their golf and opt to do either on a cooler day , but interestingly practicing in the heat or having a lesson in the heat is actually good for you .

1. You will sweat out all the bad toxins in your body an d as long as you remain hydrated it is actually good for you

2. Too often we don’t practice our short games enough  and no one wants to hit balls in the heat , thereby giving you a great opportunity to sharpen your skills around the green.


Rules though for practicing in the heat would be the following

a) find a shaded spot under a tree

b) take a frozen bottle of water or two with you to practice or practice close to the clubhouse

c) take many breaks

d) vary your practice

e) don’t take the whole day off when it is hot , there will be pockets either during the early morning or late afternoon whereby it would be a little cooler

In addition hot days are nicer than playing on the cold rainy days so keep that in mind and there could be a run of hot days , meaning that you may not have the ability to play or practice sometimes for nearly a week.

My advice is to change your outlook on hot days , there is nothing better than practicing on a hot day , having a nice dip in the pool after your game and even having a nice cold beer at the end of the day.

Just remember to prepare for your practice , lesson or round of golf.

Take lots of iced water , wet a towel , frequent breaks and look at the forecast. As I said earlier there will always be pockets during the day whereby you can get your golf in

For bookings for lessons on Hot or Cold days please call 0416075985 or email “love the game”