How long should you keep your golf clubs

The question of “How long you should keep your golf clubs?” is an interesting one.

Let me separate into the different clubs


When you find a good putter keep it for as long as your confidence prevails with it . Be it a month or 20 years …in all honesty if it is going in the hole and feels good in your hands then keep it . This situation changes when that “feel” has gone with the putter …they say in that case that a change is as good as a holiday!!



Keep your wedges until the grooves are beginning to wear out , or until the groove structure of your club is not as good as the latest and greatest product.

There is nothing better than being able to spin your ball back on the green



Keep your irons for at least one set of regrips which should equate to around 2-3 years especially if you have forged clubs . However, again if the grooves are compromised it is time for a change.


Change the hybrid only at a fitting centre to ensure that the numbers that you are getting with a new one , beat the numbers with your old one.


I would suggest to change your driver only a Fitting centre with Trackman to have a look at your numbers with your driver and then your numbers with the latest and greatest to compare.

If you do not get better gains then don’t change


“Love the Game” Jpgolf

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Winter is the time to work on your golf


The time to work on your golf is in the winter months , especially if you have the ability of training indoors or at the very least undercover.

There is nothing worse than playing in really bad conditions if you are a beginner and that is when I suggest to work on your swing instead.

On the flip side if you are an accomplished player ie 4 hcp and below that is when I recommend to play in whatever the conditions are on the day.

The reason being is that when you are in tournament golf conditions there is nowhere to hide and you just never know what could happen in a golf tournament from a weather point of view.

How good would it be though , if your golf swing came out of winter firing……..increased consistency, more control and a more solid rounded game?

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