What to do when the game of golf doesnt come naturally ?


I can tell you that my first round of golf was at Peninsula Golf and Country Club back when I was 13 years old , during an activity week at school.

I remember having an 18 hole score of 202 and loving every second of it .

My Second round of golf was 164 and then I was hooked …….. Golf is like that , as long as the golfer  can see an improvement , the golfer is happy.

Golf is a sport that includes 14 clubs , all different lengths , lie angles, face angles, shapes , sizes and the ball is stationary.

Every shot is a different shot , played with distances that are never the same from shot to shot . The challenge begins and then so does the search for the perfect golf swing…….

My game did not come naturally , but through trial and error I became a golf professional. Today I will share with you my secret to success in achieving a solid golf swing and golf game.

1. Work on the basics – get a sound grip

You will see golfers on tour with “bad grips ” yet those elite athletes know exactly what their clubface is doing through impact ……you generally don’t ,so stick with the basics so that you are able to control the clubface.

2. Have a firm steady base

I am a firm believer in feeling like you have magnets under your feet pulling you to the ground as you turn your upper body against your lower body.

I like to feel that your body winds up like an elastic band being wound up from the top with the bottom staying steady. Then the downswing the bottom half is let go as the top half of the body catches up .

This is what I call the “spring loaded effect”

3. Practice the small stuff first

If the golf game isnt going well, don’t just hit driver after driver . Start with chipping control the face and then work your way up through the clubs

4. Don’t be in a rush to improve

Golf is a game of statistics . Leading tour pros only hit around 70% of the fairways , so do your own golf stats and look at improving them . If you have been getting up and down 25% of the time , then practice with a purpose of getting up and down 26% of the time and you will begin to take the pressure off yourself

5. Get yourself on Trackman

Trackman  is one of the best teaching aids out there, enabling you to track all of your shots , do a combine test and then compare results from week to week….www.trackmangolf.com

Overall there are a long list of items that you can do when your golf game is not coming naturally .

On a final note I was once told that “It is only a game” and if you treat it like that you will begin to enjoy your golf


“Love the Game”