If I had my time again to learn golf what would I do?


For those of you that know me , you are aware that I am a very hard worker both in work and family life . Growing up my golf was no different ……

I probably practiced harder than anyone , scheduling out my week for playing , practicing , gym work and that left very little time for socializing or going out with my mates.

I was in better terms ” A Golfaholic” and a tragic one at that and in reflection I could of done it so much better ……

1. I would practice my shortgame more rather than hit ball after ball on the fairway till I couldn’t grip the club much longer

2. Have days off – in my youth I never took a day off and I believe that I became a little stale . Rest is as equally important as learning the skill as it refreshes the mind

3. Practice what you are not good at – Too often I used to hit my driver when I practiced and not work on the items that were letting me down.

4. Stretch and Golf Specific Gym Work- I did the opposite and now at 43 years old I am having to try and rebuild my body to cater for the demands of simply working . I always hit the gym hard , did no stretching and did gym work to make my body look better but not for golf. As I consequence I have 2 herniated discs in my back and my flexibility is terrible ( but getting better )


Its amazing how now , I realize what is required to make it to the top and try and ‘drum’ into my golfing students the importance of doing things that will benefit their golf game.

Remember golf is supposed to be fun , enjoyable and not stressful on the body or mind.

“Love the Game”