Getting the golf ball into the hole is the name of the game

Golf is a game that is being dominated by modern technology but this is not just limited to golf equipment.

Teaching aids such as Trackman and all the various apps and launch monitors are a fantastic way of getting data that helps the player identify faults and puts them on the right track to improving their golf.

I am a firm believer in using these teaching aids and I do use them in my coaching, yet it must not be forgotten that the most important aspect in golf is the score.

My coach used to say to me that “You don’t need to write a story on the scorecard how you generated your score”

I have never forgotten that comment and it is so true.

Golfers such as Trevino and modern golfers like Furyk have different swings , yet they have found a way to get the ball in the hole and have had some great golfing results.

Next time you are making swing changes remember these are for a reason to make you more consistent yet on the flip side , “Just get the ball into the hole in the least amount of shots possible”

“Love the Game”

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