hot golferKeeping your golf game hot is easy by way of the temperature , yet many a golfer struggle to play golf in hot conditions.

Along with the wind conditions in Melbourne’s hot northerly’s golf courses can be brutal.

If you follow these points you are sure to keep your golf game hot but keep cool under pressure.

> book a tee time early in the day – not always easy yet view the long range weather forecast which on some websites can be in advance of 2-3 weeks .

> Freeze bottles of water and take in golf bag, thereby being able to refill with an iceblock in the middle of the bottle for many a hole .

> take two towels with you , one to wet ,one to clean the golf clubs

> Wear moisture wicking fabric clothing with UV Protection

> Use a UV Umbrella to keep the sun off you

> Wear hat and sunscreen

> Use the cooling compartment on your golf bag

> Take your time and drink more than you normally would do so.

> walk in the trees and not always down the middle of the fairway

> practice your golf in the cool of the day either first thing or after the cool change comes through

> practice mainly shortgame on hot days

> Work on your golfing fitness, Mental side of the game on hot days.


The secret is not to avoid the hot days on the golf course , but is to be smart around the course keeping hydrated and aware of all your surroundings.

Keep Cool and you will play HOT!!


Happy Golfing


Jonathan Porter