The short game golf lessons Six Choices around the Green

When around the Green , you have six options to consider for the Ultimate Short Game strategy.

Each time I play golf I go through these options and they are in order of difficulty.

So when around the green go through these options and select the one that you feel is right for the situation at hand.

1. Putting

Keep in mind that your worst putt at this stage of your golf career will be almost as good as your best chip. So when you can putt …..PUTT !!


2. Putt with Hybrid

Most putters have around 3-4 degrees of loft , but your hybrid can have 18 degrees or more. So take you putting stance and grip and putt with a hybrid , it will lift in the air all by itself.


3. Chip (low)

Play ball back in the stance with weight forward , hands forward of the ball and low backswing and follow through.

4. Chip (high)

Play ball forward in stance with weight forward, clubface open at address, low backswing and follow through.

5. Pitch

Play ball forward in stance , hit down with clubface travelling toward target on follow through , limiting rotation of clubface and keeping clubface open.


6. Lob Shot

The lowest percentage shot out of the six , but the one that looks the best. Open clubface at address. Open stance and swing along the line of feet on backswing, downswing swing through to target keeping clubface open.

So next time you are on the golf course take these options out with you and I guarantee it will change the way you play golf, saving you many shots around the green.

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